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How 2D animation impacts your business

2D animation is the process of generating movement in a two-dimensional space.We can animate any character,creature,FX and  backgrounds.we bring your thoughts to life by using a 2d animation maker.

An illusion of movement is made when separate drawings are arranged together in a single timeline.

This process is also known as traditional animation. Our artists have evolved from the process of using pencil and paper to hand draw everything to using the latest  digital techniques and computer software.

2D animation nowadays is very popular and diverse.It’s making a big comeback in TV shows,advertisements,video games,websites and mobile media platforms also use 2d animation for filters.

What do our 2d animators do?

Our 2D animators spread stories or messages by making your characters, objects and backgrounds move in a two-dimensional environment.This helps your content reach more people compared to just text or audio.People would get a visual representation of the story or message and would understand it better.

While most of the work is done on the computer by our artists , traditional hand-drawn techniques are also known to them.

Our two-dimensional animators engage in  creating designs to tell a story. We use our artistic expertise to make logos or graphics that create movement in a two-dimensional space.

Our animators design graphic images to create the illusion of movement. They draw images, both on paper and digitally , and animate story scenes . Our professionals can create a variation of animations, like logos, action graphics or even advertisements. Our animators can work in various industries, like technology, entertainment or architecture. 

What we are specialized in:

  • Sketching designs
  • Designing characters
  • Developing storyboards
  • Creating special effects
  • Animating scenes
  • Transitioning backgrounds

How your ideas are brought to life

In pre-production,our team will be working on story ,character development, writing scripts, storyboarding,recording dialogue,background layout, and character animation.


In the production stage, animators bring life to the characters and objects by giving them movement. The characters are then colored and processed digitally and adjusted over their appropriate backgrounds.


Post-production is the final stages of adding sound and editing to ensure the whole finished product looks flawless and has a continuous flow, and then it is exported in the final format you want.

The Benefits of choosing 2d animation

  1. Capture & Hold Attention

Animation is very popular among people of all ages because it can easily grab people’s attention,the movements create an excitement to the viewers eyes and makes your content more interesting to watch.These animations can also make your company’s search engine optimization go up and would create increased traffic.


  1. Communicate More Easily

Using animation for your information helps the information reach a wider range of audience.A lot of people are visual learners so if the information is given in a visual form,the viewers can understand,process it quickly.This makes communicating difficult topics easier.


  1. Engage Deeper

The mix of graphics,voiceovers and texts in 2d animation creates a simulation in different parts of the brain and with the help of multiple senses accessing your information,the viewer can process and understand information more easily.This would also subconsciously leave an impact of your company in the viewer’s mind.


  1. Cost Effective

Choosing 2d animation is cost effective because animation videos have a shorter production timeline than live action videos. So less money will be spent on creating your animated video and  you can spend more  on promoting it. 

One more benefit of an animated video is that you can edit it overtime to keep up with changes and for the video to look modern and update current information.


  1. Shareable

People often share content they find interesting.Most of the content that is shared online through social media are videos and images.People also share blogs in social media but it won’t have the same amount of reach as videos because visuals grab more attention than texts.This is where animation comes handy. 2d animation videos are a blend of images and text information so it’s easy for people to understand.

Why we are the best 2d animation makers

  • We have people with the best communication skills to  communicate with you about the animation needs of your project.
  • We Create storyboards and present ideas and sketches for you to review.
  • We Produce artwork for backgrounds and layer images against the backgrounds
  • We also Present  animations for review and edit animations based on feedback
  • We Integrate visual and audio effects in post-production and prepare animations for delivery
  • We are always researching new animation styles or techniques to update our skills

2D animation could be a great resource for you and your company,depending on your needs.

If you want to attract a larger audience,animation can help.

If you want to engage with a lot of your audience,animation can help.

If you want to make complex information understandable to a larger group,animation can help.

As 2d animation is versatile,it can be used to communicate any type of information. So 2d animation can benefit your business a lot.

If you want your company reach greater heights contact us-the Avenues, best 2d animation company in Chennai to use our services 

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