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Certification in Adobe Photoshop

Learn Advanced Photoshop Techniques and Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Discover the Art of Design Our Comprehensive Course

Ready to turn your passion for design and editing into a lucrative career? Our comprehensive designing & editing course has got you covered! Join now and learn from the experts, gain access to the latest tools and techniques, and connect with a community of like-minded creatives. Take the first step towards your dream career and sign up today!

You may learn Photoshop for graphic design in this course on Adobe Photoshop Essentials. With this simple to follow course, learn Adobe Photoshop without any prior experience.

Course Curriculum

  • Getting Started 
  • Photo Retouching 
  • Cropping Photos 
  • Creating Graphics: Combing Photos, Text, & Graphics
  • Replacing Backgrounds 
  • Blend Modes & Opacity 
  • Color Correction Using Color Balance 
  • Color Correction Using Curves 
  • Preparing Digital Photos for Print 
  • Exporting Files for Web/Digital
  • Sharpening Photos 
  • The Liquify Filter & Intro to Smart Filters 
  • Layer Masking 
  • Masking Smart Filters
  • Converting to Black & White & Lens Correction 
  • Placing Your Designs in Pre-made Mockups 
  • Adjustment Layers & Masks 
  • Retouching 
  • Changing Color With a Blending Mode 
  • Clipping Masks: Filling Shapes with Images 
  • Using Adjustment Layers as Clipping Masks 
  • Camera Raw Fundamentals Camera Raw as a Filter
  • Batch Actions & the Image Processor 
  • Photoshop for Design : Adding a Title & Layer Styles 
  • Photoshop for Design : Creating Digital Art in Photoshop
  •  Photoshop for Design : Compositing into a Photo 

At the end of the day, providing projects and internships is a great way to help students and young professionals bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application.

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What you'll learn

– You’ll feel confident using Photoshop to navigate, create new projects, design as you like, and save it for any use.
– Photoshop will teach you graphic design, photo editing, and photo retouching.
– You’ll discover the fundamental Photoshop tools for image editing and manipulation.

– You’ll learn how to create and adjust layer masks as well as use the Photoshop layers panel.
– You’ll understand how to use a number of tools and non-destructive techniques to edit photos (both RAW and compressed images).
– With a variety of selection tools, you’ll learn how to pick out specific areas of your image to alter.
– You’ll learn how to edit pictures to get rid of imperfections, repair red eye, whiten teeth, and other things.
– You’ll discover how to create unique shapes using the shape tool and pen tool.

– You’ll understand how to use layer styles, blending modes, and blending modes to make enjoyable and original projects.
– How to add and change text to your graphics will be covered.

– How to save Photoshop work for print and the web will be covered.
– You’ll like using and learning Photoshop!

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